Dazzle Dance 

COVID-19 Procedures

                                                COVID-19 POLICIES & PROCEDURES
                             *May change throughout the year depending on changes to provincial mandates*


The studio will be deep cleaned three times a week, everyone is required to sanitize their hands when entering and exiting the studio. As an extra precaution, we have purchased a thermometer to perform temperature checks on students and staff.  Children 5 and older as well as all adults must wear a mask in the studio as long as provincially advised. 

 At this time, our 12-19 year old students DO NOT HAVE TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION FOR INDOOR YOUTH RECREATIONAL SPORTS. As per https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/covid-19/vaccine/proof


Only students registered in the class are allowed in the studio. Students in multiple classes must leave the studio and wait in the lobby until their next class. Students personal items (including cell phones) should be kept separated in the lobby stored away in a cubby for each student. Students should arrive and depart no more than 5 minutes before and after their class. Make sure to keep a safe distance from others and wear a mask in all common areas in the building.

We take our covid rules and regulations very seriously and will keep in accordance with provincial regulations. We will ensure these rules are enforced in order to stay in operation. We ask that you help us by explaining the importance of these rules to your children as we work together to keep everyone safe and healthy. The best way we can prevent an outbreak or spread is by not sending sick children to class. Any student who arrives will visible sickness symptoms will be sent home and not allowed to enter the studio and participate in dance class.