Dazzle Dance

Dance Styles, Class Descriptions & Dress Code


Recreational Classes: For students who want to grow and focus on learning dance technique, fun choreography, rhythm, work ethic and performance skills. All classes perform in the year-end recital. No dance experience required. Classes are arranged by age and level. Dancers are expected to participate in every class and put in their best efforts. Practice at home is encouraged.

Level 1 Beginner:  New to dance, learning basic moves, skills and choreography       

Level 2 Intermediate:  Mastered  basics, start building to more complex moves, skills and choreo

Level 3 Advanced:  Learning and challenged with more complicated moves, skills, tricks and choreo

Competitive Classes (Elite Level): For highly dedicated dancers who are technically skilled and extremely hard working. Competition dancers are required practice at home as well as expected to attend and participate in every class with their best efforts possible and push themselves forward. Competitive dancers will attend out of town competitions. There will be mandatory extra rehearsals outside of class time closer to competition dates.



Lyrical: This dance style illustrates a story about the music while demonstrating control, technique, balance, and extension. It is an expressive form of dance with elements of ballet and jazz.

Jazz: This dance style incorporates turns, kicks, jumps, and group lifts. It is an upbeat class with strong sharp movements and jazz technique. Be prepared to sweat!

Musical Theatre: This theatrical dance style incorporates jazz technique with theatrical performance including lip syncing and portraying a character.

Tap: This form of dance utilizes the sounds of tap shoes as a form of percussion. It has components of jazz dance and musical theatre and focuses on rhythm and musicality.

Ballet: A highly technical and classical form of dance that can tell a story or express a thought or emotion. Students will learn the basics of ballet technique.

Belly Dance Fusion: Bellydance Fusion combines age appropriate fundamental bellydance technique with stylings from Bollywood Dance and other world dance styles, such as African Dance. Dancers learn upbeat, fun numbers performed in colourful or tribal inspired costuming. This class does have additional non competitive performances in the community outside of recital that may require additional practices outside of regular classes and therefore an extra level of commitment is required.

Creative Dance: For children ages 3-5 years. Children begin to learn the basics of ballet and jazz technique, become oriented to the class structure, and have fun!

Adult Classes: For students 18+. No dance experience required.


1. Dazzle Dance requires proper shoes are worn for each dance style. Appropriate footwear such as Tap/Jazz/Ballet shoes must be purchased and worn in class each week in order for students to learn proper technique.

2. Each teacher has their own dance wear and accessories required for their class which they will specify once classes begin. Typically, we recommend any active wear that is stretchy and does not restrict movement such as tights and a t shirt or tank top or a bodysuit for class attire. Please do not wear inappropriate clothing (swear words, inappropriate images, skimpy, loose clothing). 



Ballet: Dancers are expected to wear ballet shoes, tights and a body suit with hair in a bun.
Jazz/Musical Threatre: Dancers are expected to wear black jazz shoes and tight stretchy pants (no flare on pants) in order to view student leg movements.
Lyrical: Dancers are expected to wear beige or pale pink footundeez and active wear that is stretchy and does not restrict movement. Teachers must be able to view student leg movements.
Belly Dance: Comfortable dancewear that permits movement is required.  No jeans or tight clothing that restricts movement. Bare feet in class.
Tap: Tap shoes are required for every class!!