Dazzle Dance 



In an effort to integrate our Dazzle values of respect and positivity into daily practice, Dazzle Dance has established the following policies to ensure consistency and quality care:


(Applicable to all students, staff & parents of Dazzle Dance)

1. Respect for students, parents, staff and the facility is mandatory.  This is a fun, positive & friendly learning environment where put downs, swear words, gossip or name calling of any kind is not tolerated. Should you experience or witness any form of bullying in class, please make us aware immediately.

2. Careless use of the studio and building is prohibited. Studio property is for the purpose of dance instruction and organization. Do not misuse items belonging to the studio in order to avoid damage or harm to yourself or others.

3. Students must listen to their teachers!  Students are expected to give all their attention in class to dance instruction and participation. Only one person in class should be talking at a time.

4. Be safe! No running or pushing. Please stay away from designated restricted areas and be careful near stairs and railings.  Please keep your personal items stored neatly as blocking areas with shoes or clothing is a hazard.

5. Keep noise in common areas shared with our neighbours down to a minimum.


6. Water bottles with tightly sealed lids are necessary for all students and staff to have during class. No other food or drink are allowed in the studio.

7. Please come prepared for class and make sure that you leave with all the belongings you came with.  Items left behind will be available in our lost in found for a period of 2 months before being donated to goodwill.

8. Teachers and Administration staff have final say over all class decisions including scheduling, level placement, song selection and costumes. While we appreciate input from students and parents and try our best to accommodate for special requests whenever feasible, persistent pressure for personal preference will not be tolerated.

Should any of the above policies not be respected, Dazzle Dance will enforce the right to terminate services without refund.  


1. All families registering for classes with Dazzle Dance in September are required to pay an annual fee of $20 per family. 

2. Placement for all classes will be according to skill and experience, the age reference is only a guideline. This means that your child may be asked to switch to another class more appropriate to their level.

3. Please be aware that all class times, dates and instructors of classes are subject to change as well as removed from the schedule depending on enrollment. Please note the majority of changes occur during first couple months of the new dance year.

4. Students should arrive 5 minutes before the start of their class. Dazzle Dance is not responsible for the care of your child outside of their scheduled class time.

5. Classes scheduled on Fridays when school is in session will run on the next day, Saturday instead at the same scheduled Friday times.

6. In addition to dance classes, students are required to practice the routine at home on their own, so that they are prepared in class. Additional practices may be required closer to performance dates. Attendance for extra practices scheduled is required. 


1. Attendance to every class is expected. Participation in class is required. This is not a drop in activity. Registration in dance classes is a commitment for the full season. It is important to have all students attend classes to properly rehearse dance routines.  Please let us know if you will be missing 2 or more classes in a row. If your child has missed 3 or more classes consecutively you will be contacted.

2. We must be notified if a student is dropping a class. There are no refunds on classes dropped after December 1st.

3. Recital dates are mandatory for ALL students!! These dates are posted on our website before Christmas Break please make note of these dates. Recital is what the students work towards all year!


On occasion a substitute teacher may be required to fill in for a teacher who is unable to attend their regular class. Substitute teachers are chosen according to qualifications and ability. At times an assistant teacher may be required to fill in for the regular teacher. Refunds or underpayments for classes taught by substitutes or assistants will not be provided.


Dazzle Dance has students that are invited to be Assistant Teachers which is a role we do not assign lightly. They are required to sign a contract, just as are the teachers, at the beginning of the year outlining their responsibilities and expectations with the studio and the children in their care. These senior students are chosen specifically from their experience, attitude, ability and technique to allow them to take on a leadership role and assist the teacher with running the class. They become familiar with the class and its teachings and in turn are trained in the event that they would have to cover. We are proud of our assistant student teacher program as it is excellent exposure for our senior students and allows them the opportunity to grow. We believe that the younger dancers at the studio look up to and respect our senior students, especially the assistant teachers as they have much to learn from them.

COMMUNICATION - Stay Informed!

In an effort to reduce miscommunication, missed dates and lack of information please follow the steps below as we try to provide you updated dance information in a variety of ways:

1. Check your emails! We send all important studio information through email including: dates, schedules, invoices, payment receipts, account balances, changes, updates and reminders so please make sure to provide us with an email address at registration that is checked regularly and let us know of any changes throughout the year. Make sure to save these emails so you can easily search for them later as we send out important information well in advance. If there is more than one parent or grandparent that should be informed of dance activities please make sure to provide us with their information at registration so they will be on our email list.

 2. Please read the brightly coloured signs with important information such as updates, changes, events and rules posted at the studio on the parent information wall located on the second floor just outside the studio door. This will be updated throughout the year so always check for new information. Important dance information is also posted on the door to the building on brightly coloured paper so you won’t miss it!! 

3. Please visit our website for detailed information on dance topics such as classes offered, pricing, important dates and studio policies. The website does work for both computer and mobile devices.

4. Also make sure to continue to check our Facebook page for important studio information and reminders.

5. Questions, concerns or comments should be directed to management privately through email or phone rather than at the studio as teachers must remain focused on their classes. The best way to contact us is through email at dazzledancefitness@gmail.com . You can also message us on facebook, or leave us a voicemail at the studio phone line, 442-4884 and we will return your call as soon as possible.



1. Dazzle Dance does not accept etransfers or cash payments for monthly dance fees. Post dated cheques or pre authorized credit card only please. This is for the ease of the parents and the studio. However we will accept all methods of payment( cheque, etransfer and credit card) for the three installment payment option and the one time yearly option.

2. All dance fees are due at the beginning of the month.

3. Based on the classes registered, you will be invoiced and are liable for the full payment of fees for those classes whether or not your child attends the class until we are notified of your desire to cancel your child’s enrollment.

4. Any returned cheques will be charged associated banking fees.

5. Any unpaid fees from previous years are kept on account and students are not able to begin dance in the fall until all outstanding amounts are paid in full.

Refunds are only given on unused prepaid classes dropped before December 1st.

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