Dazzle Dance 




Dazzle Dance philosophy promotes an atmosphere of respect and positivity. Our studio is a safe space where students come to enjoy dance. We aim to inspire our students and have them connect through their passion of dance while learning new skills to help them grow as dancers and individuals by instilling commitment, hard work and determination.


(Applicable to all students, staff & parents of Dazzle Dance)

1. Respect for students, parents, staff and the facility is mandatory.  This is a fun, positive & friendly learning environment where put downs, swear words, gossip or name calling of any kind is not tolerated.  Should you experience or witness any form of bullying at the studio, please make us aware immediately.

2. Careless use of the studio and building is prohibited. Studio property is for the purpose of dance instruction and organization only. Do not misuse items belonging to the studio in order to avoid damage or harm to yourself or others.

3. Students must listen to their teachers!  Students are expected to give all their attention in class to dance instruction and participation. Only one person in class should be talking at a time and that is usually the teacher!

4. Be safe: No running or pushing on the stairs or in the studio! Make sure to keep a safe distance from others and wear a mask in all common areas in the building. Always sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the studio. Keep noise in hallways down to a minimum out of respect for our neighbours.

5. Water bottles with tightly sealed lids and labelled with the student name are necessary for all students and staff to have during class. No other food or drink are allowed in the studio.

6. Please come prepared for class and make sure that you leave with all the belongings you came with. No student clothes, bags or shoes are allowed in the studio or hallway! Student personal items (including cell phones) should be kept separated in the lobby stored away in a cubby for each student to avoid tripping hazards, cross contact, damage and loss. Items left behind will be available in our lost in found for a period of 2 months before being donated to goodwill.

7. Only students registered in the class are allowed in the studio! Students in multiple classes must leave the studio and wait in the lobby until their next class.  Students in the lobby must remain socially distanced. Students finished classes should not leave the building until their ride arrives to pick them up. For everyone’s safety students should not wait outside on the street but rather downstairs inside the front doors.


1. All families registering for classes with Dazzle Dance are required to pay an annual registration fee of $25 per family.

2. Placement for all classes will be according to skill and experience, the age reference is only a guideline. This means that your child may be asked to switch to another class more appropriate to their level.

3. Please be aware that all class times, dates and instructors of classes are subject to change as well as removed from the schedule depending on enrollment. Please note the majority of changes occur during first couple months of the new dance year.

4. We appreciate input and try our best to accommodate for requests and feedback whenever feasible however, teachers and administration staff have final say over all class decisions including scheduling, level placement, song selection and costumes.

5. To limit cross contact in the building outside of classes as much as possible, students should arrive and depart no more than 5 minutes before and after their class. Dazzle Dance is not responsible for the care of your child outside of their scheduled class time. Students must wait inside the lobby until the previous class is out of the studio, to keep hallways clear.

6. Classes scheduled on Fridays when school is in session will take place on the next day, Saturday.  Should any classes need to be rescheduled you will be notified in advance. Classes will not be made up when closed for a holiday.

7. In addition to dance classes, students are encouraged to practice the routine at home on their own, so that they are prepared in class. Additional practices may be required closer to performance dates. Attendance for extra practices scheduled is expected.

Attendance to every class is expected however students should NOT come to studio if they are sick. Please let us know if you will be missing a class.  When in class, participation is required. Registration in dance classes is a commitment for the full season. We must be notified if a student is dropping a class by November 1st. There will be no refunds for classes prepaid after that date.

On occasion a substitute teacher may be required to fill in for a teacher who is unable to attend their regular class. Substitute teachers are chosen according to availability. At times an assistant teacher may be required to fill in. Refunds or underpayments for classes taught by substitutes or assistants will not be provided.

The Studio purchases and owns all costumes which are made available to students enrolled in each dance class for pictures and at no additional cost to the parents. If you would like to keep your student’s costume at the end of the dance season they are available to purchase from the studio, please contact us for pricing.

COMMUNICATION - Stay Informed!

In an effort to reduce miscommunication, missed important dates and lack of information please follow the steps below as we try to provide you updated dance information in a variety of ways:


1. Check your emails! We send all important studio information through email including: dates, schedules, invoices, payment receipts, account balances, changes, updates and reminders so please make sure to provide us with an email address at registration that is checked regularly and let us know of any changes throughout the year. Make sure to save these emails so you can easily search for them later as we send out important information well in advance. If there is more than one parent or grandparent that should be informed of dance activities please make sure to provide us with their information at registration so they will be on our email list.


2. Please visit our website for detailed information on dance topics such as classes offered, pricing, important dates and studio policies. The website does work for both computer and mobile devices.


 3. Also make sure to continue to check our Facebook page for the quickest update on important studio information and reminders.


4. Questions, concerns or comments should be directed to management privately through email or phone rather than at the studio as teachers must remain focused on their classes. The best way to contact us is through email at dazzledancefitness@gmail.com . You can also message us on facebook, or leave us a voicemail at the studio phone line, 442-4884 and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Dazzle Dance requires that proper shoes are worn for each dance style. Appropriate footwear such as Tap/Jazz/Ballet shoes must be purchased and worn in class each week in order for students to learn proper technique.
Each student has a dance uniform that will be expected to be worn to each dance class as listed below. Teachers will enforce this dress code! Dazzle Dance branded shirts will be available for purchase at the studio.

Creative & Ballet: Dancers are expected to wear ballet shoes, tights and a body suit with hair in a bun.
Jazz/Musical Theatre: Dancers are expected to wear black jazz shoes and black leggings (no flare on pants) in order to view student leg movements, plain black t-shirt or tank top. No crop tops or shirts with words or images. Hair must be tied back in ponytail.
Lyrical: Dancers are expected to wear beige or pale pink footundeez and black leggings (no flare on pants) in order to view student leg movements with plain black t-shirt or tank top. No crop tops or shirts with words or images. Hair must be tied back in ponytail.
Belly Dance: Comfortable dancewear that permits movement is required.  No jeans or tight clothing that restricts movement. Bare feet in class.
Tap: Tap shoes are required for every class and black leggings (no flare on pants) in order to view student leg movements with plain black t-shirt or tank top. No crop tops or shirts with words or images. Hair must be tied back in ponytail.